Java vs Python: Which one is better?

Post Date: April 25, 2019

Java vs Python: Which one is better?

Programming Languages are a fundamental part of computer science, they are fundamental tools in a programmer’s toolbox and critical to almost every programming.

Choosing between programming languages is often confusing. Until recent times Java holds top rank in the development industry but right now Python is new emerging which is in demand.

Python and Java has been fighting for the top position on the most popular programming languages out there, with Python making amazing progress in the last few years and Java holding onto its position.

But the question reaming the same, Which one is better?

So, let’s begin the comparison and find out the winner in Java vs Python–

Java & Python are the 2 hottest programming languages out there because of their efficiency, versatility & automation capabilities.

Comparison Factors –

 1) Speed

In terms of speed, Java is faster than Python as it is a compiled language. It takes less time to execute code.

Python is an interpreted language and it determines the type of data at run time which makes it slower comparatively

 2) Legacy – 

Java’s history in the enterprise and its slightly more verbose coding style mean that Java legacy systems are typically larger and more numerous than python’s.

 Python has less legacy problem so organization finds difficulty for the script to copy and paste codes and gives it a slight edge over the other languages.

2) Code –

Java is very verbose as compared to Python. It takes 10 lines of code to read from a file in Java.

 It only takes 2 lines of code in Python. This makes Python a preferable language.

 Now let’s look at Trend – 

The trend in the USA for the last 5 Years

The trend in the India for the last 5 Years

This clearly suggests that Java was famous previously but slowly its declining its popularity in developed countries, but still in India Java is still the popular language but slowly python is gaining its momentum.

 Now Look at Salaries

Now if we look at salary for fresher in Python the Python has little edge over Java due to its demand in automation. Now ad days jobs are mostly related to automation and Artificial intelligence which prefers Python over Java that’s why salary in case of fresher is more in Python.

But in case of experienced candidates salary for Java is high Because Java has been in use way before python became popular. The experience engineers find it convenient for them to stick to their comfort zone instead of moving to a new language.

Conclusion –

Both the languages are good in their own, so there won’t be a lack of resources once you choose one and embark on your journey.

 If you’re Fresher & new to programming, it’d be better to stick with Python just because it’s easy and uses English-like syntax.

However, if your goal is to build enterprise level applications coming from a C/ C++ world, then Java would probably feel familiar to you.

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