Beware! These Job Profiles May Not Exist by 2022

Post Date: April 25, 2019

Beware! These Job Profiles May Not Exist by 2022

Are you insecure about your Job?

Of Course, you do! Everybody does! No job is secure nowadays in the current competitive world.

According to the survey report some of the Job profile like data entry clerks, reception telephone handling, accounting, bookkeeping and payrolls checks, administrative and executive secretaries, assembly and factory workers, client information and customer service workers, business services and administration managers might get extinct in the coming time.


Because of Automation, many jobs which need to be handled manually are becoming obsolete due to technological advancement in the industry.

In fact, the report suggests that the world will lose around 75 Million jobs by 2022.

That’s Shocking, Right? But Here is Good News…!!

But report also, enlist the profession which generates new job opportunities and the good the news is that there would be around 133 million new jobs will get generated.

A sigh of a relief!! Right.

Now what are the Emerging Professions?

New emerging professions will be Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Software & Applications developer, Sales & Marketing, Data Science specialist, Digital Marketing, Automation Testing and Information technology service.

According to research done by McKinsey & Company, 30% of the tasks in 60 percent of the occupations can be Automated. Almost every in every professional automation can be done.

Conclusion –

Over the upcoming years, you can assume almost in every profession automation will be there.

Industry is going tougher & tougher every day but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. It’s not dying, and it is here to stay.

So upgrade yourself with latest technologies before it’s too late!

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