What is Webdriver in Selenium?

What is Webdriver in Selenium?

Webdriver is recognized to be one of the well renowned and most powerful tools from Selenium toolkit. This tool happens to be an extended version of Selenium RC with several benefits. Webdriver is known to confer additional support to the most updated platforms and browsers. Selenium RC in aggregation along with Webdriver API is popularly known as selenium 2.0. Selenium was developed for supporting dynamic web pages as well as Ajax calls. It is known to render support to different drivers for exercising web-based mobile testing.




Features of Selenium WebDriver

Some of the features of selenium web driver are enlisted below:

  • Browser Compatibility

Webdriver confers a varied range of web browsers as well as their versions. It is known to bestow support to different conventional browsers along with the rare and unique browsers such as HtmlUnit browser.

HtmlUnit browser performs the execution of test scripts that are analogous to other browsers. The exception is that it runs in headless mode or GUI-Less mode. The user will not be capable of viewing the test script execution. With the transpiration of test script execution in headless mode, the execution speed requires a toll and speeds up the execution.

Webdriver is known to render support to web-based mobile testing. It renders IphoneDriver and AndroidDriver for backing web-based mobile based testing.

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  • Language Support

Webdriver facilitates users to select within varied programming languages and building test scripts in designated languages. The programming language which is supported by selenium web driver is inclusive of C#, Java, pearl, PHP, Python. Thus, the user can choose any of the programming languages in accordance with competency and start creating test scripts.

  • Speed

In comparison to other tools of Selenium Suite, web driver is recognized to be the fastest tool. The communication is not channelized with the aid of external intervention, instead, the tool communicates directly with the browser similar to that of the user. Thus, web driver can procure the benefits of the native compatibility of native towards automation.

Other tools from selenium suite are not similar to Selenium RC and do not communicate with a web browser in a direct way. Client libraries are known to communicate with Selenium Remote Control Server. Remote control communicates along with selenium core which communicates with selenium browser. Hence, this type of twisted communications occurs owing to the hindrance on execution speed.

  • Drivers, Methods as well as Classes

Webdriver is known to bestow a varied range of solutions to potential challenge in Automation Testing. It aids in dealing with different complex types of web elements such as dropdowns, checkboxes as well as alerts with the aid of dynamic finders.

With the upcoming of mobile phones, WebDriver API has introduced few key technologies for entering in the horizon. Webdriver allows users in order to perform web-based mobile testing. It confers two essential drivers for performing web-based mobile testing such as IphoneDriver, AndroidDriver.

In addition to this, WebDriver API is considered to be comparatively easier and simpler. It is not inclusive of repetitious commands. On the contrary, selenium RC is known to embody a wide number of tautological commands.

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