Software Testing Career Growth Opportunities for Newbies

Software Testing – Career Growth Opportunities for Newbies

The software testing training program opens a plethora of software testing career opportunities for young job-seekers and freshers. The young minds enroll for a course keeping two things in mind- to add a professional training program in the CV and to attain a secure job. The software testing course is suitable for all who want an exciting career and who have a knack to break things down.


Software Testing Training Institute in Pune


The software testing program is appropriate for the freshers who have an excellent understanding of English language (read, write and speak) and have an eye for detail. Experienced professionals can also enroll for the course to switch into software testing. The training offers excellent career growth opportunities. Business owners and entrepreneurs can also learn software testing for their benefit.

Many candidates enroll in software testing course to build a career in IT sector. Becoming a certified software tester can become a stepping stone for many students who want to become a software developer in future.

The role of a software tester

Software go-live is a crucial event for any software. It is very vital to check the quality of the software before the release. There should not be any technical bugs. If the software is not user-friendly, the clients may cease to use it. A wrong or premature product can cause a lot of financial losses for the company. The users also lose confidence on the producer of the software.

The software testers look for the defects in the software. They also classify the defects and find the ways to fix it. Complex software is not defect-free. The software testers also decide how much errors are accepted in software before its go-live.

The test engineers test the software, when it is developed step by step. They also create a test case and report the defects, define the severity and priority of each defect. They also do regression testing every time any changes are made to the software to fix defects. They update the project manager about the progress of the testing activity.

Career Growth opportunities in Software Testing

ISTQB certified software testers have no dearth of jobs in the market. A tester should have a ‘knack to break,’ detail orientation, willingness to learn, good verbal and written communication skills. Software testing is a demanding job. They should efficiently handle the workload. Software testers also known as QA professionals are treated as per software developers in most of the companies. So, the career as a software tester should not be considered as ‘second-rated.’

Those who have acquired skills in manual testing can pursue further training in Automation testing, performance testing. The testers can also progress in their career as business analysts.

The automation testing engineers are responsible for automating manual test case execution. The tools used for automation testing are IBM Rational Robot, Silk performer, and QTP.

The performance testing engineers check the responsiveness of the application (time is taken to load; maximum load application can handle and so on). Performance testing engineers use WEBLoad and LoadRunner tools for the tests.The software testers who progress as business analysts have end-to-end business knowledge. This is the most successful progression for software testing professional. The business analysts analyze and assess the company’s workflows. They also check how to integrate business with the latest technology.

Thus, there are a huge career opportunities available for freshers in software testing industry. Learning from the right software testing training institute is the key to the success.


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