List of best big data analytics companies to work for in India

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There are a variety of courses available for big data analytics.. One can choose for such courses for better understanding of data analytic tools. There is bright future for professionals dealing in big data analysis. India will be a preferred country to harbour analytics outsourcing as compared to other countries in upcoming years as top most companies are ready to invest in Indian companies.

It will definitely lead more employment opportunities. Most probably India will be in need of approx 1, 0000 data scientists to fill big data space in 2017-18. Here in this guide we would talk about best Data Analytics Companies in India. These companies hires qualified and skilled data analyst and many more companies would also join this list of best big data analytics companies in upcoming years. As per the report released by NASSCOM, analytic market in India would double in 2017-18.

Best Big Data Analytics Companies to Look Out For

  1. Flutura

  • It was founded by Srikanth Muralidhara, Derick Jose and Krishnan Raman.
  • It deals in big data analysis. And, provides data solutions to various companies.
  • It is situated in Bangalore.
  • It has a vision to transform operational outcomes by monetizing machine data.
  1. Metaome

  • This is one of the best data analytics companies for the life sciences. It is also located in Banglore.
  • Metaome follows customer focused product development strategy.
  • This company is committed to help scientists glean the best insights and value from data.
  • Founders of this company are Ramkumar Nandkumar and Kalpana Krishnaswami .
  1. Aureus Analytics

  • It helps customers by mining enterprise data.
  • It was founded by Ashish Tanna, Anurag Shah and Nitin Purohit.
  1. Fractal Analytics

  • It serves Fortune 500 companies in Financial Services, CPG, Insurance, Technology, Retail, life Science, Telecommunication, Healthcare and Media industries.
  • It was founded in 2000
  • Headquarter is in Mumbai.
  1. Sigmoid Analytics

  • This company was founded by┬áRahul Kumar Singh, Mayur Rustagi and Lokesh Anand.
  • They provide a technology infrastructure to the companies. These companies can store their data in a desired format using this infrastructure. They can also perform operations on it to generate insights.
  1. Heckyl

  • The company was founded by Mukund Mudras, Abhijit Vedak, Som Sagar and Jaison Mathews.
  • It collects information and data from over one million sources.
  • This company is on its way to international expansion.

Here is a list of companies you should watch for, if you are looking for data analytics jobs in India.

Frrole Smart Cube
Crayon Data SBI Analytics
AbsolutData RBS Business Services
American Express Reliance
Accenture PwC Analytics
Bridge i2i Analytics Opera solution
Citi Bank Analytics Nett Positive
Datamatics Nomura Analytics
Dell NeuralTechSoft
EXL Services Nabler
Experian Mahindra Satyam
HP Analytics PromptCloud
Wipro Affine
WNS Analytics Aon Hewitt
Walmart Analytics Axtria
Vehere Interactive Boston Analytics
Vodafone Barclays Shared Services
Uninor Cytel
TEG Analytics Dunhumby
Transorg Analytics Decision Craft
Towers Watson eBay
Takshashila Consulting Fidelity Analytics
Scope International HSBC Analytics

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