Learning Big Data Hadoop: The Big Advantages

Learning Big Data Hadoop: The Big Advantages

Hadoop happens to be a software system from which distributed applications that are data intensive can procure assistance. Hadoop is recognized to be an open source software that aids in the working of applications with varied nodes of data and various petabytes. Hadoop is considered to be highly scalable storage platform as it assists in the storage and distribution of large volume of data across different inexpensive servers operating in parallel.

The well renowned Big Data technology is grown in the lines of MapReduce papers and File system of Google. It offers resources requirements for using a big cluster of computers for the storage of huge amount of data which can be operated accordingly. Large web 2.0 companies such as Facebook and Google are capable of using Hadoop for the storage and management of huge data sets. Hadoop is also known to be valuable for different traditional enterprises owing to their extensive benefits.


Learning Big Data Hadoop The Big Advantages


Here are some advantages of learning big data Hadoop

Big career opportunity

Extensive studies reveal that almost 90% of global companies make the medium and high amount of investment in big analytics. These investments are considered to be really significant. Analytics and big data have a significant influence on revenue. One fact that cannot be un-denied is that Hadoop skills are in huge demand. Hence, there are often urgent requirements for IT professionals to keep themselves with the trend of Hadoop and big data technologies. Hence, it goes without saying that learning big data Hadoop will assist in the acceleration of career growth.

Hadoop is capable of conferring more job opportunities

Big data market looks trendy and potential always. The development of the same continues with time. Hence, big data along with technologies count to be the primary reasons for this job trend. Hadoop has higher possibilities of enhancing job prospects in case you are a fresher or an experienced professional. However, it is possible to bridge the skill gap in big data by learning Apache Hadoop in details. Apache Hadoop lets professionals and freshers add valuable big data skills to the profile. Hence, it is recognized to be an ideal chance of taking benefits of a positive trend and garnering its benefits via relevant Hadoop learning.

Alluring packages

Hadoop is capable of processing terabytes of data in an effective manner within minutes. Petabytes are processed in hours with Hadoop. Thus, Hadoop is considered to be really good when dealing with huge volume of unstructured data. Hence, the requirements of experienced Hadoop professionals are enhancing gradually. Hence, there are higher possibilities that candidates will procure a better big data job with an attractive package by learning Hadoop.

Top companies are hiring for Hadoop professionals

Over 17,000 employees having knowledge in Hadoop are being hired by the leading organizations across the globe. IBM, HP, LinkedIn, Tata, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Yahoo, Cisco are hiring for Hadoop professionals. These companies are looking for Big data architect, Big data visualize, Big data analyst, Big data engineer and Big data scientist on an extensive scale.

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