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Learn Selenium Step by Step Process

Selenium Webdriver is recognized to be the prime choice of testers for the automation of web application. The noteworthy feature of the testing tool is the capability of integration with varied programming languages. It contributes to being the reason why you are capable of drawing several interests from the developers. Selenium web driver contributes to being an amazing testing tool for coder and tester.





In case you have started learning Selenium for the automation of web applications, there may be two cases: in the first case you do not possess any experience in programming language and secondly, you have an adequate amount of experience.

In case Java is your preferred choice of language, you need to know the following things:

  • Object Oriented Programming: Procure knowledge about Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and inheritance.
  • Introduction to class, objects, Instance methods, instant variables, class methods, class variables.
  • Constructors, Abstract class, Abstract methods, packages, Method Overriding, Method overloading, multiple inheritance.
  • You should also have detailed idea about the creation of class or interface, ways to initialize instance variables.
  • Control Statements: You need to learn this for making decisions in test methods and understand whether you should continue test execution in case of login fails.
  • Loops – You need to login into 5 varied accounts with the use of similar procedures.
  • Arrays – You do not require writing variables all over the test scripts.
  • Exception Handling – You also need to know how to continue with test execution in case something happens during test execution.
  • Files and streams – In case you are willing to keep test data out of the java source file and access them in test scripts.
  • Framework, collection, and multi-threading.

Exploring IDE

Exploring IDE is another integral step for learning selenium as it is simple for picking up. Selenium IDE is recognized to be the simplest of the tools present in Selenium Suite. It is recognized to be the quickest way for getting started with the creation of scripts. It requires support record and playback within Firefox. For automation of another browser, you will require using one of the advanced selenium tools such as Selenium RC, selenium 2.

Skip Remote control as it is not in use anymore

Jump to selenium web driver

WebDriver is designed in a more concise and simpler programming interface in combination with addressing limitations in Selenium-RC API. WebDriver happens to be a compact object oriented API in comparison to Selenium 1.0.

It is beneficial in driving the browser in an effective manner and overcoming the limitations of Selenium 1.x that affects functional test coverage such as uploading or downloading of files, dialogs barrier, and pop-ups. Framework confers control over execution to users.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid helps in running a test on varied machines against varied browsers in parallel. Running several tests at one time against varied machines which are running varied browsers as well as operating systems. Actually, selenium grid offers support to distributed test execution. It lets to run tests in distributed test execution environment.

For running test against multiple versions of the browser, multiple browsers as well as browsers running on various operating systems. For the reduction of time, it takes for a test suite for the completion of test pass.

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