How to become an expert in software testing ? 5 Easy Tips

How to become an expert software tester? 5 Easy Tips

Becoming a software engineer is a very prestigious thing. One studies hard day and night to become a software engineer and then uses his or her skills and knowledge to become an expert software engineer in some company. There are two categories in which a software engineer works. One is software development and the other is software testing. Development involves the development of apps and software that we use in our phones and laptops. Testing involves the testing of the apps and software developed by the software developer for any issues or bug which can create trouble later on.


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Testing involves a number of activities and somehow is a different from development. Software testing involves different ways and different techniques so that if there are any issues hidden in the same and will forward it to the developer to get it resolved. But for a person to become an expert software developer it is very important to have something more than just knowledge and that is few tips and tricks that are mentioned below:

  1. Review the system: It is very important for a software tester to stay updated and for that he needs to review the system with time so as to stay updated and also to beware of any changes done in the system. It will help him to test the app or software immediately and find better bugs.
  2. Using different test designing techniques: Using different test designing techniques such as boundary value analysis, equivalence class partitioning and state transitions diagrams and so on to get better results.
  3. Try negative testing: Most of the time people do positive testing and get satisfied. One should also try negative testing by giving negative inputs to know how the system reacts and is the system able to handle that or not.
  4. Focus on external interfaces and system configuration: It is very important to make it a point to check with the external interfaces and system configuration of other systems as well. Because then your system will be able to communicate with other external systems correctly in a top and fro manner. Also this will help you to make the app or the software work with other systems as well and will be compatible also.
  5. Test at different speeds: Testing at different speeds means sometimes you will run the speed in the normal default speed, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and every time you will be able to see new and different results. This will help you to get the issues fixed and then you will get a perfect app with no bug.

After following the above points, a software tester should  keep a report of all the bugs that he or she have found during testing so that he can then send a report of the bugs and issues to the developer for further rectification and then the final software will be launched for common people to use. These above mentioned tips are for those who wants to become an expert software tester.

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