How Hadoop helps in Big Data industry

The Companies across every industry have to face the challenges as every company has to create its market value in today’s competitive era. Every company has to make efforts in growing influx data and converting it into useful insights. With hadoop, it has become easy to manage big and complex data as it is highly secure, advanced and scalable platform. It helps run critical applications of your business and get a competitive benefit in your industry.

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Oil and Gas Industry

These companies can leverage big data technologies like hadoop. This open source platform helps collect, handle, manage and analyze production and drilling data. Oil and gas industry can use this data to gain new insights. MapReduce Hadoop technique helps these big data companies capitalize on big data. This helps in optimizing their costs, operations and overcoming competition.

Government agencies

There are various government agencies that collect vast amount of data on daily basis. Big data technologies have become very important in managing some fields like defence, intelligence, scientific research and cyber security.

  • Hadoop MapReduce techaniques provide government agencies with scalable and cost effective architecture.
  • It drives real-time analysis,
  • Situational analysis
  • It supports information flow across multiple departments and agencies.

Financial services

Some organizations that deal in financial services experience drastic change every year. Financial industry realizes that they need to be able to manage their risks like fraud, scams, etc.. In order to improve their operational efficiencies, financial companies are turning to big data technologies such as Hadoop.

  • It helps reduce risk,
  • It helps analyze fraud patterns
  • It helps identify rogue traders
  • It helps to target marketing campaigns more precisely, based on customer segmentation, and improves customer satisfaction.

 Digital Advertising Industry

The digital advertising, entertainment and media world is evolving very rapidly. It is using hadoop and MapReduce techniques to manage data flow.

Nowadays, video game development studios are turning to hadoop to analyze and study massive data streams. This helps them in enhancing the game and player interaction.

Life Science and health care industry

Life Science and health care industry use Hadoop and big data to handle and manage complex and massive amount of unstructured data. This data form approx 80% of healthcare industry’s information.

Manufacturing companies

Manufactures, nowadays, are aiming at global market. They have really big amount of data aand this quantity goes on increasing day by day. The data consists of many details, such as, changing market trends, details about supply to demand ratio, etc. This data is highly significant and confidential. So, such industries need tool like Hadoop to secure their data and to analyze their data.

Retail Industry

This industry is evolving like anything. Especially, after introduction of e-commerce, retailers are trying to reach each and every corner of this world. Online shopping is not only confined to fashion and electronic items, but even small items of daily use are also sold online. Such industry must be definitely flooded with data. They cannot think to survive without the tool like Hadoop.

Thus, there is a huge demand for big data hadoop professionals in all the industries. Now is the time to undergo big data hadoop training from industry experts in Pune and get that dream job.


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