Hadoop Training for Beginers

Hadoop Training for beginners – what you should know

If you are eager to make your career in Hadoop and want to learn it, but don’t know where to start, then this guide would be helpful for you. Here you will get solutions of all your questions:

Why Hadoop

It has become one of the top job trends in India. All big companies like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM have incorporated Hadoop and many big companies looking for hadoop professionals.

What makes you eligible to learn Hadoop?

There is no such mandatory requirement which makes you eligible to learn Hadoop, but you should have basic knowledge of Linux and Java.

Hadoop Training in Pune

How much Java is required to learn Hadoop?

If you want to be an expert in Hadoop then Java would be an added advantage. But it is not a strict prerequisite to learn hadoop as you can also write your Mapreduce code in any language like C, Ruby, Python and Perl. Pig and Hive tools are built on Hadoop and provide own languages to work with data on cluster. Apache framework offers a high level of abstraction in the form of Hive and Pig.  Hive can be programmed in HiveQL and Pig in Pig Latin. These programs convert your MapReduce Code in Java automatically.

Although you can use Hive and Pig but Java knowledge can be an added advantage in Hadoop. There are some advancement features in Hadoop that is only available via Java API. It helps get deep into Hadoop code and learn more about functionality of particular module.

You would find hadoop projects with lots of variations and roles like developer, architect, tester, hardware administrator and many of them require knowledge of Java.

How much Linux is required to learn Hadoop?

Hadoop was built on Linux and it was the preferred way for managing and installing hadoop. But now it can also run on Windows. You need to spend few hours in learning Linux basics too as it helps digesting and understanding Linux shell and hadoop.

Is C/C++ the best ways to learn Hadoop?

If you know C/C++ then you need not to learn Java as you can directly jump on Hadoop. But as we earlier mentioned, you can also use tools like Pig and Hive to write your code as it helps convert your code directly in Java. But knowledge of C/C++ can be an added advantage in hadoop learning as there are some parts in hadoop system that are written only in these languages. You can also write mapreduce application with the help of C++. Here you will find pipes in hadoop that allows C++ use for mapreduce code.

Is SQL knowledge helpful in Hadoop?

Yes, knowledge of SQL, DB or RDBMS is also required in managing and handling hadoop. If you are familiar with SQL, it would become quite easy for you to learn use of Hive tool built on Hadoop. It has command and syntax similar to SQL.

This is all about what you should know before start learning Hadoop.

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