Big Data Job Opportunities in India

Big Data Job Opportunities in India

Big data refers to large sets of data. They are complex volumes of data. Traditional software and applications used for data processing cannot handle these data sets. It is a fairly new term in data industry. It is used to analyze businesses and for taking better decisions for the organization. It helps in predicting business behaviors and projecting future outcomes. Big data has occupied an important place in every industrial sector. If you have good knowledge about data technologies, you can get good big data job opportunities in India with a handsome salary. The most important thing here is learning Big Data Hadoop from qualified experts in India.

A Quick Insight on Big Data Job Opportunities in India

India’s first salary report of 2016 was introduced after it became the second country after the United States with the highest demand for big data analysts and data scientists. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India, is said to pay the highest income to big data analysts, with the figure being Rs. 12.9 lakhs a year.

Although Mumbai offers the highest salary when compared with the other cities in India, it offers the least big data job opportunities in India (approximately 12,000 job opportunities).Both Bangalore and Delhi propose nearly 23,000 jobs. Those with around a decade of experience stand a chance to get nearly a 250% hike in salaries. Since people are still unaware of big data job opportunities in India, it has become difficult for businesses to find resources. Thus, big data jobs are a wise option to opt for.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Big Data Jobs Opportunities

  • No Unemployment

Since India ranks second in the demand for analytics in the world, there is an ever-increasing requirement for big data analysts. IT professionals are also willing to provide trainings to candidates. According to statistics provided by, big data analytics job trend has seen rapid increase from the year 2012 (0.6%) to year 2016 (0.23%). Thus, there is no room for unemployment.

  • Salary Privileges

Big data analysts earn 8% more than other data analysts. According to Indian Analytics Industry Salary Trend Report, the average income of big data analysts has gone up by 21% in the year 2015, which is much higher than 2014. The same report also suggests that 14% Indian big data analysts earn above Rs. 15 lakhs annually.

  • Priority

Surveys state that businesses rely greatly on big data analytics as they provide detailed perceptions about their organizations. Therefore, big data analytics is positioned on the top most priority.

  • Several Job Titles

There is a lot of room for growth and promotion in big data analytics. There are multiple positions made available for the analysts. The job titles include big data analytics business consultant, big data architect, big data engineer, big data analyst, and business intelligence and analytics consultant.

  • Freshers

It does not matter if you are a fresher. If you hold an MBA, M. Tech, M. Com, BBA/BBM, or even an MA degree, you can easily interview for big data jobs anywhere in India.

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