Big Data Hadoop Training – What You Should Know

Big Data Hadoop Training – What You Should Know?

If you are willing to make a career in Hadoop, here are few things you need to learn about the same:

Hadoop is recognized to be one of the top job trends right now

Oracle and IBM Microsoft have incorporated Hadoop in the past year. Companies such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, Hortonworks are looking for skilled Hadoop professionals. Companies are lacking IT professionals with specific Hadoop skills and training. Hence, intelligent IT professionals should pick this up in no time.


Big Data Hadoop Training - What You Should Know


Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop

There are no strict prerequisites for learning Hadoop. However, if you are willing to make an excellent career in this field and want to become a Hadoop expert, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of Linux and Java.

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Knowing Java is not a prerequisite for learning Hadoop

Having knowledge on Java comes with an additional benefit. However, it is not a prerequisite to learning java in order to work with Hadoop. Tools such as Pig and Hive are built on Hadoop which come with high-level languages of their own in order to work with data on the cluster. In case you are willing to write MapReduce code of your own, you can do so in Perl, C, Ruby, Python.

Added Benefit of Java in Hadoop

Though you can make use of streaming for writing MapReduce functions in the language of your own choice, some advanced features are present only with the aid of Java API. It requires getting into Hadoop Code at times in order to gain knowledge about the functionality of a specific module in details.

There are several reasons owing to which people prefer learning Hadoop. Hadoop allows for the permission of storage as well as processing of larger volume of data along with cheaper commodity hardware. Since everything is being digitized in the information age, high velocity, high volume, and high choice of data which is created required to be saved in such a manner which is relatively easier, faster and affordable.

Hadoop is recognized to be open source software that acts similar to the operating system for distributed HDFS system. This infrastructure helps people in analyzing and exploring a larger volume of data with the aid of MapReduce and programming environment for different business as well as social purpose, understanding behavior of customers.

Best Ways for Learning Hadoop

If you have knowledge on C or C++, you can learn java at ease. They are quite similar to these languages. So the best idea is to spend few hours in order to learn the basics of java and jump to Hadoop. In case you are not willing to learn Java, you can also learn Hadoop directly.

A wide number of Hadoop system parts are written in C or C++. In case you are interested in writing map reduce applications with the use of C++, Hadoop has pipes. Pipes are essentially libraries which let source code of C++ for being used for mapperReduce codes.

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