Benefits of Java programming

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Java is known throughout the world as a general-purpose language and also a very user friendly computer programming language which on one hand very concurrent and object-oriented whereas on the other hand as a class-based and a specifically designed language.Java is arguably the best programming language which has ever been created and it has stood the test of time because Java it has been the preferred by most developers for 20 years. Two decades is definitely a very long time for each and every Programming language in a very competitive market. With time Java has been able to gain more and more strength and popularity among experts. There have been many incidences where Java development has been a bit slow but Java has been able to develop constantly.

In terms of the job opportunities which are created, Java is head and shoulders above every one. One who is well versed with the Java language can get loads of job offers easily which are not possible for any other programming language.

One can choose from a variety of fields such as core Java programmers which are based on the server side application and also advanced Java based enterprise and web applications. One can even try to be an Android based developer for mobile applications.

Some of the factors which make java popular are –

One can easily learn Java – Though it might be a bit surprising to see as the best reason to learn Java but the reality is that it is in fact one the best reasonsto learn java.For people who are not able to grasp any knowledge quickly, it would have been a difficult task to learn a language in a short span of timeand this true for most of the professional computer language. In this case Java is an exception.

2) Java is very rich when it comes to API–

One of the main reasons for the successof Java programming language is that it has a rich API and most importantly this feature is very visible because of the reason that it comes readily with installation. Whenever anyone starts using Java programming for the first time, they are amazed by the fact that Java has an API for almost everything from I/O to utilities to networking. Anything which is left isdone by all the open source libraries.

3) Java has many powerful development tools.

It is hard to believe that tools like Netbeans and Eclipse have been able to play a huge part in making Java arguably the best programming languages. It is a pleasure to perform coding in IPE, which is even more evident when you have coded in Notepad or DOS Editor.They are not only helpful in code completion but they also have someof the most strong debugging capacity which is very important for creating development that are more real world and practical.

4) Java has the best inventory of Open Source libraries

Through the open source libraries, Java has to be used almost everywhere. Google,Apache and many different organizationshave provided lots of great libraries, which have made the development of Java very fast, easy and also cost effective.

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