10 Software Testing Tools: A Quick Intro

10 Software Testing Tools: A Quick Intro

A number of testing tools have come up that are beneficial in conferring assistance to diverse testing activities which range from requirements capturing to test management. Here is a list of few tools that play a crucial role in reducing our efforts.

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Selenium is recognized to be a testing framework which is useful in performing different types of web application testing across different browsers as well as platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux. Selenium is useful to the testers for writing tests in different programming languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. It confers playback as well as record features for writing tests without knowing Selenium IDE.

         2. TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is considered to being a test automation tools that come with code less scripting. TestingWhiz tool comes with accomplished package for different automated testing solutions such as software testing, website testing, API testing, database testing, regression test suite maintenance, cross-browser testing, mobile app testing.

        3.HPE Unified Functional Testing

HPE Unified Functional Testing bestows different testing automation for regression as well as functional testing for various software applications. The tool makes use of Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripting language for the registration of test procedures and operation of different objects and controlling the test of the applications.


TestComplete happens to be a functional testing platform that renders several solutions for automation testing for websites, desktops, and mobile applications. The different features of this tool are inclusive of test visualizer, GUI testing, Test recording and playback, Scripted testing.


Ranorex confers a wide number of testing tools which cover testing all types of the web, desktop, and mobile applications. The features of this tool are inclusive of detection of bugs, GUI recognition, reusable test codes, integration with different tools, record as well as playback.


Sahi is another worth mentioning testing automation tool which is beneficial in automating web applications testing. The open source of this tool is written in Javascript and Java programming languages. This tool supports Dojo, ExtJS, ZK and other frameworks.


Watir is considered to be an open source testing tool which is comprised of Ruby libraries for the automation of web application testing. Watir comes with several features such as cross browser testing. This tool is useful in testing different language based web application. This tool is compatible with different business is driven development tools such as Test/Unit, cucumber, RSpec. This tool is useful in testing the buttons, links, forms as well as their responses.

    8.Tosca Testsuite

Tosca Testsuite makes use of model-based test automation for automation software testing. This tool is useful in planning and designing test cases. It is also useful for testing data provisioning, integration management, integral mobile apps, risk coverage.

   9.Telerik TestStudio

Telerik TestStudio imparts one stop solution for the automation of the web, desktops, mobile application testing such as load, UI, and performance testing. It renders different compatibilities such as Cross-browser testing, Integration with the aid of bug tracking tools, manual testing, etc.


WatiN is another open source web application testing tool, developed on #C platform. This tool supports web application testing for different.Net programming languages.

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