How Hadoop training can be beneficial for your career?

If you are a part of the IT industry, or rather ever growing, ever blooming IT industry, you are sure to have heard of Big Data Hadoop training. It is one of the major fads of the present. There is a regular growth of the number of individuals who are […]



How to get a job in software testing

Testing is very easy and any qualified person gain a job easily in the industry is actually a myth. The fact is that people who owe a great passion towards testing only get a stable position in the field of the software testing. One with serious dedication and commitment earns […]

Benefits of Software Testing

Software testing is the process of detecting faults in a product before it is released and becomes operational. Although there is a lack of understanding about its importance in a software development cycle, the value it can bring to a product cannot be denied. It not only caters to the […]

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